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August 24, 2011
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  • Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some time around February, Google launched an algorithm change called Panda. The goal of Panda was to determine low quality sites based on a variety of factors, including blocked data from users, in an attempt to provide users the highest quality and most relevant sites for their search.

While Google did not actually incorporate data search from users in its algorithm, it did find that there was an 80 percent overlap of user blocked sites and sites that were targeted as low quality from Panda.

Before the Panda update, sites were shown to search engine users based on keyword relevancy, anchor links, backlinks and other aspects of SEO. However, Google realized that there were many people taking advantage of the then present algorithm and manipulating it to self-promote their site. Additionally, Google mainly wanted to eliminate most of the clutter and repetition of low quality sites that can be found across the web.

Initially, large site were first affected, which makes sense since large sites have more signals that can be detected. However, even small sites were affected shortly after the large sites. Many website owners reported significant drops in visitors due to the algorithm change and complained to Google about their findings. However, Google maintained that they were confident the algorithm change only targeted low quality sites, based on Google’s terms of what constitutes high and low quality.

Therefore you may have noticed that your site does not have as many visitors as it used to have on a daily basis. You must make some very important changes to your site to reflect Google’s terms of high quality. However, it may take a great investment of time from you to make these changes.

You may benefit from hiring a reputable SEO company — a company that understands the full implications of the Panda update and how to optimize sites based on these new terms. We can help you avoid the negative affects of panda by optimizing your site for high quality and user-friendliness.

Moreover, other algorithm updates are expected to roll out real soon. These changes, as well, must be considered in SEO.

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