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What is a Conversion Optimization service?

Quite simply, a conversion optimization service transforms causal visitors into paying customers by upgrading the functionality of your website. We do this in a few basic ways.

Conversion Optimization

Optimized Pages

FirstFirst, we check to make sure that the design and layout of your webpage is conducive to making sales. Is your navigation overly complex? Do you make it difficult for your customers to buy a product when they should be able to click once and proceed to checkout? Does your website accurately represent what it is that you’re selling, or does it look like something else altogether?

A-B Testing

SecondSecondly, we analyze your metrics. Who is visiting your website? When are they visiting it? How long do they spend on what pages, and are you getting repeat business? People frequently don’t take the time to analyze every single part of your website. Usually, they only spend a few seconds exploring your home page. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they usually leap to a different page. By understanding how people use your website now, we can start to identify the parts that work and the sections that require improvement.

Track Performance

ThirdFinally, we perform a series of tests and funneling experiments to attract the right kind of traffic for your website. Finding the right audience and making sure they know your website exists is a big part of generating higher revenues. After all, it’s difficult to sell something to someone who has little or no intrinsic interest in your goods or services. We identify those areas of web traffic that are likely to produce paying customers, and then we place advertising or other sales funnels into those areas to attract better traffic.

Increasing Your Conversion = More Money

fter we design these sales funnels, we monitor their success rates and continually adjust our approach. Unlike a brick-and-mortar building, a website needs constant improvement to remain a vital and relevant part of larger web traffic. Conversion optimization is not just about setting up a strategy and never looking at it again; it’s about understanding what happens on a daily basis with your website, and being able to constantly improve on real-time results.

Conversion Optimization – Converting Traffic Into Calls of Action!

As with any business, remaining competitive means understanding not only how your business is performing, but also how other businesses may be impacting your profitability. Our conversion optimization services guarantee that your website will always attract as many paying customers as the market will bear.

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