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Retargeting Management

When a potential customer or client visits your site and leaves without making any purchases, they are not and should not be considered uninterested. They may be scouting for a future purchase, browsing around, or just leaving the computer to continue the shopping session later. If and when they visit another site, retargeting comes in as a way to keep your products on their mind.

etargeting is the continued pursuit of a potential sale through the use of simple, yet effective coding. It works by first maintaining a database or list of visitors to your online retailer or place of business. Then, as the potential customer browses other sites after leaving yours, it will post more advertisements on those websites, keeping your brand powerfully connected to the consumer. If you become associated with a big enough retargeting provider, there is virtually no end to the number of websites that your ads will travel to in the efforts to land more sales.

Keeping Your Brand Powerfully Connected

Behavioral Targeting

A tributary of retargeting, behavioral targeting uses the same monitoring of your customers’ browsing habits to locate entirely new circles of interested customers. Like retargeting, this greatly streamlines the process of finding interested customers and drives the relevance and effectiveness of advertisements way up. This method is ideal for businesses who are expanding, just starting, or both, as it locks in demographics while bringing in a constant flow of new customers.

Contextual Targeting

Finally, choosing websites to advertise on can be daunting and overwhelming to say the least. Contextual targeting services evaluate websites across a number of dynamics to guarantee you the most appropriate website for your advertisements. Websites with quality content, high traffic, and a large following of people who are interested in your product, for example, will be delivered right to you so that you can come to your customers, not wait for them to come to you.


Retargeting offers scores of benefits for online advertisers. First, every advertisement is empowered with a much higher significance because the customer engaged first by coming to your website, indicating an interest. This benefit alone establishes an edge over generic online advertisements. Retargeting also renders your store as vast as the Internet itself, continuing relationships with consumers after they physically leave your website. Finally, and this is verified through results, retargeting fosters powerful associations in the minds of consumers, bringing them back to finally make that purchase.

Target Your Prospects Now

E Media Now has teamed up with some of the largest facilitators of retargeting technology in the market. When you’re ready we can fully setup and mange your entire campaigns, while monitoring and adjusting for effectiveness.

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