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With 500 million Facebook users and Twitter’s constituency approaching 200 million, the widespread efficacy of social networking sites couldn’t be more apparent. For burgeoning Internet marketers, succeeding in this exploding arena begins with a meticulously crafted skill set involving SEO, branding, networking, video marketing and more. Before delving into this area, though, you must first learn what it is and how it can benefit any kind of business.

Connecting & Engaging Over 700 Million Is Powerful!

ocial media marketing is the use of popular social channels such as Facebook and Youtube to deliver effective marketing messages, build reputations, and ultimately generate interest and traffic to a website. Social media marketing also involves the use of SEO content to network with prospective customers, colleagues, and ad agencies. The main objective of social media marketing is to establish visibility and build rapport among the 700 million plus users of mega-popular social media websites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

Social Media Logos

With a Herculean following and a myriad of opportunities to place content, Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. Unlike ubiquitous banner ads that are now obsolete, Facebook marketers have the power to integrate SEO content into their profiles, distributing marketing messages to literally millions of users, millions of times daily.

Twitter, the aptly named social media giant that encourages chatter across the Internet, offers just as fertile an environment to deliver powerful marketing messages. Like Facebook, Twitter’s marketing prowess stems from new, casual veins of communication such as “tweets.” The Twitter equivalent to Facebook’s status updates and wall posts, tweets reinforce skillfully optimized profiles with live updates, special announcements, and anything else that can generate interest.

The last of this decade’s triumvirate, Youtube offers Internet marketers a unique social media marketing opportunity: combining keyword-rich content with video to create potent associations in the mind of the consumer. Uploading videos to Youtube is absolutely free.


  • Social media marketing has hundreds of applications in app development, SEO content development, and most importantly, distribution.
  • Social media marketers have an audience of over 1 billion people to work with, from all demographics.
  • This vein of marketing is free, although hiring on reputable social media marketers can guarantee greater results.
  • Social media marketing is much easier and cheaper than radio and television advertisements as well as flyers and posters.
  • Finally, social media marketing allows you to network with potential colleagues, customers, advertisers, and the competition.

Ready To Get Social?

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