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Video SEO and Video Syndication

At first, SEO was a clumsy, globular creature that was more a jumble of letters to the layman than a viable marketing tool. Today, both the humble entrepreneur and the titan of industry have begun paying attention to SEO techniques, as Google swells at an unprecedented rate. In the collective endeavor to stand out on the search results, two promising subsets of SEO have recently emerged: video SEO and video syndication. So what are these methods and how can they potentially benefit businesses?

Video SEO or search engine optimization is driven by the same principles as “regular” or text SEO: strategically placed keywords attract Google and other search engine’s “crawlers,” placing the page with the best SEO at the top of the results. The added benefit with video SEO, which uses the same strategically placed keywords and content, is greatly reduced competition.

Video Syndication Offers Striking Implications

For the average search, there can easily be up to 5 million text results competing for high ranking, compared to a much slimmer 16,000 video results. As it concerns Google’s willingness to display video seo results in general searches, they integrated their “universal search feature” in May of 2007. This means that videos, text, and other media contend equally for high rankings in search results.

Video syndication also offers striking implications for Internet marketing entities. Simply put, it is the widespread distribution of any one video across multiple channels. This encompasses a fundamental marketing concept: get your product out to as many people as possible. This method, which is done much easier on the Internet than with physical mailers and flyers, can help a company hone their demographics and draft a clear image of their progress with video marketing.

Video SEO and video syndication, especially when combined, offer an entire slew of benefits for our clients.

  • Effective video SEO techniques greatly increase a site’s visibility and traffic while branding products and services.
  • Video SEO offers the benefits of images, animation, and audio over plain text marketing.
  • Using video SEO methods greatly reduces competition, increasing the likelihood and frequency of high search rankings.
  • Video syndication simultaneously brands your product or service as it drives the traffic of interested parties to your website up.
  • Should it merit their attention, video syndication can attract larger, higher paying advertising companies to take on your advertising needs at your profit.
  • Videos that are linked from other authoritative websites increase the popularity of your site.

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